Domus Romana - The Roman Villa

Visit the life of Roman aristocracy at the Domus Romana (Roman Villa)


While exploring Rabat, home to the historic holiday stay of № 2 Labini, look out for the historic Roman attraction of the Domus Romana situated near the entrance to the “Silent City” of Mdina.  Today what you will find is an impressive museum in a Victorian style that preserves some of the most amazing Roman remains in Malta.  It allows the visitor to take a look at what Roman life was like in a Roman domestic household showing the division of roles in a Roman family, fashion, education, food, drink and entertainment. 

What is left of the Roman House (Domus) was discovered in 1881 and a museum was built around it.  This gave rise to it being the first building to be built to protect and house an archaeological site in Malta.  Most impressive are the intricate mosaics highlighting the richness and affluence of the house in its day. Well worth a viewing!

Over the years the Museum has been extended and restyled giving us the building we see today.  It houses Roman artefacts and antiquities found throughout Malta including the only set of marble statues of the Emperor Claudius and his family that can be seen in a private house anywhere in the Roman Empire.  The Domus Romana is worth the experience to view the many Roman artefacts, to view the splendid mosaic floors that furnished the different rooms of this Roman town house and an amazing opportunity to understand the private life and habits of the Roman aristocracy.

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