There’s no denying that Malta is a beautiful destination and it’s often been used as a filming destination. But did you know that some of Game of Thrones was set here? And that’s not a lie, you can actually visit some of the locations that were used in the film during your stay at No 2 Labini.

Thank you so much for providing us with the opportunity to stay in your lovely home, for that is what exactly it felt like - a home away from home! A friend likes the sound of it so much that she may be making enquiries shortly. Thanks to Marthese for her welcoming smile and tour of the house and surroundings, including a trip to the cafe, Toffee & Co, which we visited again... and again. We think that we could not have picked a better place to stay Everything that we needed was close at hand.

Best wishes to you for the future
Jenny Digard

There’s always something happening on Malta, with so many events throughout the year it can be hard to keep up. And with fantastic weather at this time of year, dining al fresco is encouraged. In May we celebrated the Malta International Food Festival hosted at the spectacular Mdina ditch location.

Malta is a never-ending treasure trove of fascinating places to explore and be inspired by. One such place only 30 minutes from No 2. Labini is the Blue Grotto, historically known as Il-Hnejja (The Arch). Located on the Southern side of the island, this coastal feature is only accessible by boat from nearby Żurrieq.

Maltese cuisine is a delicious Mediterranean mélange of treats, with flavours inspired by nearby Sicily and North Africa. You can’t come to Malta without trying the unique delicacy of Pastizzi. These are savoury pastries, normally round or diamond shaped and filled with creamy ricotta or mushy peas. Due to the popularity of pastizzi, the word has also found itself used colloquially in the Maltese language with other meanings, and sometimes is used to describe someone as an idiot.

December sunset over Mdina. Credits: Stefan Jungreithmaier

Keeping romance alive without resorting to typical clichés is not always easy, a 16th century moon and candle lit house can greatly transform your mood, but our main tip here is to keep things simple and explore the wonders of the 500 year old setting together as a couple. 

Festa in Malta
Festa in September

If there is one thing the Maltese do exceptionally well it is celebrate momentous occasions and, if you're lucky enough to be in Malta in the month of September, you may well bear witness to the celebrations of two such dates.

Spring Mdina

The bright red hues of fresh strawberries, sweet smells of figoli almond cakes and blossoming trees tell us that spring has arrived in Malta. Malta is known for long, hot summers and these signs show us that it is on its way and the sometimes rough winter is behind us for another year.  

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