Romance Tips from no.2 Labini

December sunset over Mdina. Credits: Stefan Jungreithmaier

Keeping romance alive without resorting to typical clichés is not always easy, a 16th century moon and candle lit house can greatly transform your mood, but our main tip here is to keep things simple and explore the wonders of the 500 year old setting together as a couple. 


Dinner on the roof. Credits: Stefan Jungreithmaier

A unique evening deserves a special location and spending a night at no.2 Labini will marry the two perfectly. Take one of small streets to meander through the city to experience the unique character firsthand.

Mdina Ditch. Credits: Stefan Jungreithmaier

Whisk that special someone off for a birthday, anniversary or romantic getaway with style. Be spontaneous. Be affectionate. And trust us, being romantic on otherwise ordinary days is a sure way to earn extra points.

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