Casa Bernard

Step inside to Mdina’s aristocratic way of life

Walking the streets of Mdina there is little clue to what may lie inside most of its old buildings. Many of the exteriors do not reflect the hidden gems that are lying inside. This was purposely done so not to draw attention to the affluence of the household. One such example is the Palazzino (palace) Casa Bernard, a 16th century palace that has evolved over the years from the time of the Romans, the medieval period to the Knights of Malta. It once used to be a medieval fort. Nowadays it gives you the chance to have an authentic insight of how the life of a noble maltese family looked like. Next to experiencing interesting stories and a lot of history, you also get the chance to taste some typical maltese specialities.



Open for visitors from Monday till Saturday between 10am and 4pm. The entrance fee is 8 Euro (children under 12 years for half price).

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