Chapel of St. Agatha

Explore the Chapels of St. Agatha

You can find a Chapel dedicated to St. Agatha in Mdina as well as in Rabat. The one in Mdina was built in 1417 and rebuilt in 1694 by Lorenzo Gafà (a maltese Baroque architect), when a majority of the remaining structure was replaced. Agatha was born during the 3. century as the daughter of a rich sicilian family. The governor of Catania asked for her hand, but she rejected him. In those days a tremendous crime, which had to be punished. To escape him and the disfavour of the roman emperor Decius she took shelter in Malta, in the catacombs underneath the Chapel in Rabat (which are situated along side the catacombs of St. Paul). When Agatha went back to Sicily the governor had her tortured – her breasts were amputated and finally she was burnt to death.

St. Agatha is one of the three patron saints of Malta (besides St. Paul and St. Publius) and her statue can be admired at Mdina's main gate.

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