Nunnery of St Benedict

A life of solitude at the Nunnery of St. Benedict

You will find the streets of Mdina flowing with life and energy however take a moment to think of a place that exists within this bustling city where its dwellers are in total isolation, oblivious to life around them.  The Benedictine order dates from the 15th century as does a historic building housed within Mdina’s fortified walls on Villegaignon Street.  What is so special about this building?  It is home to the Benedictine order of nuns who live an extremely devout life.  The nuns of Mdina were first mentioned in 1450 and their building and chapel were enlarged and restored in 1625.  The rules of the order are very strict – the nuns are not allowed to ever leave the monastery, even after their death their bodies stay on the property. And also no men are ever allowed to enter the monastery, except from the doctor and the decorateur.

Today the Benedictine nuns still live in total isolation within their grounds, devoting their lives to prayer and tending to their garden.



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