The Carmelite Priory

Baroque Art & Architecture that will amaze you!

The impressive baroque building was built in the 17thcentury and it was the first maltese church with the typical elliptic dome. With a height of about 40 metres the dome is not to miss and enchants both from the outside and the inside. A visit of the church, the monastery rooms and the museum provides an insight into the spiritual life of the Carmelite monks. During the french occupation in 1798 many treasures of the church and the monastery were stolen. There are rumours that another try of pilferage started the revolution against the french despotism, whith a lad ringing the bells of the church to give an alarm call.

You can visit the morning prayers from Monday till Saturday at 6:30am and the Mass at 7am. For late risers there are still the noon prayers and the Office of Readings at 1pm, as well as the evening prayers at 8pm. The Sunday Mass is hold at 5:30am, 7am and 8:30am.

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