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Taste the pleasures of the Maltese Isles

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What takes your fancy? Blue skies, long hot summers, beaches, water sports, diving, history, culture, architecture, old traditions, clear waters, wineries – well you have your pick!

On the islands of Malta you can enjoy any of these and much more!  Have a smooth glass of Meridiana Fenici red, a Syrah or Merlot blend, all local wines that are heady, rich in luscious cherries and fruits of the forest with black pepper. Meridiana Wine Estate lies in the shadow of Mdina, just meters away from No. 2 Labini.  Take in some wine tasting on your door step exhilarating your tastebuds on Maltese quality wines, now a major international export.

Savour the taste of a traditional Maltese dish, usually served with olives, some ġbejniet (local sheep's cheeses), zalzett (coriander flavoured Maltese sausage) with galletti (Maltese crackers) and some bigilla (broad bean pate) served with Maltese bread and olive oil.  If these make your mouth water, they can all be bought locally in Rabat.  If you are short on time and would like to try these local traditional foods, let us know by e-mail and we can have them stocked in the house before you arrive.  If these are not to your taste, get your teeth into a mouth watering open ftira or even a pastizzi, a savoury Maltese pastry as you wander the many proms, laneways and byways of the Maltese towns and villages.  The best pastizzi in Malta and arguably in the world is located just around the corner from No. 2 Labini at the Crystal Palace. 

Ancient temples from the dawn of early civilisation on the islands await you – the Hypogeum, a subterranean structure developed within rock consisting of halls and chambers (make sure you book in advance) and the Tarxien temples are a definite must see.   Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim, impressive Neolithic temples in size lie south of Malta not too far from the Blue Grotto, an extremely popular site.  The Blue Grotto is a chain of caves and arches that you enter through by boat and marvel at the phosphorescent colours of the submerged flora that reflect deep blue from the captured sunlight. 

Visit the islands largest market at Marsaxlokk, a busy and beautiful fishing village on Malta’s south coast. Travel along the east coast to the town of Marsaskala and onwards to Valletta, the capital of Malta that was built by the Knights of Malta in the late 16th century.  Impressive architecture awaits you. 

Journey north of Malta to Gozo, the sister island of Malta.  Gozo is smaller and yet a destination that will leave you relaxed and enthralled in all that it has to offer.  With only a short distance from Malta of 5KM, with a regular ferry service make it a place to visit, offering you a tranquil yet different way of life.  People here are warm, friendly and extremely proud of their island and offer delight in showcasing it for tourists. Its history and culture is deeply rooted to the soul of this land giving you a very authentic experience of what life was like in the past.  This can truly be seen in the villages of Gozo where time seems to stand still. Become part of tradition with summer village festas and carnivals while getting your taste buds into traditional food. 

Apart from the charming appeal of its villages the rural landscape and beautiful coastline will draw you in and mesmerise you. Gozo like Malta is also home to some ancient prehistoric sites like the Gigantic Temple perched high on sea cliffs.  Well worth a visit and walk in the steps of our ancestors absorbing the ancient energies of a time long gone.

If you want a good view of this quaint and rural island take a trip to Victoria, the capital town to enjoy the fabulous rural vistas with its many hills dotted around the island.

If you are up for adventure and looking for something active and fun, the Maltese Islands have much to offer.  The islands’ terrain makes is suitable for walking, trekking, cycling and rock climbing.  Sailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing and diving are all on offer giving you an adventure holiday on these quaint and charming islands while feeling the hot Mediterranean sun on your body.

Spend a few hours on the island of Comino that lies between Malta and Gozo.  The crystal blue waters sparkling with sunlight call out to you, inviting you to jump in.  The urge is irresistible so there is no point fighting it!  A regular ferry runs from Sliema for you to enjoy the unspoilt bays, beaches and coves making it ideal for swimming and sun bathing. 

Take in its sights, sounds and all that the amazing Maltese Islands have to offer while on holidays - for definite you will be overwhelmed with a cocktail of experiences.

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