Visit Mdina after dark

Mdina once the sun goes down – not to be missed!

After a relaxing meal at № 2 Labini why not stretch your legs and go for a gentle stroll into Mdina and truly discover why it is called the “Silent City”. Visiting Mdina by day is an experience however to visit once the sun goes down is truly remarkable. Then you will notice why it is so silent once the hoards of tourists have departed the streets and the main attractions have closed their doors. A new atmosphere descends on the city. Ramble through the streets in peace and the only sounds that reach your ears are footsteps of those also enjoying the pleasures of Mdina by night. Why not bring a bottle of wine and sit down at the great fortified walls at the Bastion Square to enjoy the sleeping Island shrouded in a sea of lights. But do keep an eye behind you on the house with the flowers. It is rumoured to be haunted by a Maltese Knight! So you never know who or what you might see on the balcony!

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